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"It takes a real man to blow them balls off."

Eugene Viles, my grandfather, talking about making little baby girls. (via engineeredcomments)

We are having a girl!! Woo!!!


"Iiii don’t wanna work, I just want to sit and tumbl all daaay."

Me, on this cloudy Monday.


What if all of our moms ran our blogs for a day

Oh man. I kind of want to see this. My mother’s might be full of healthy eating, women in power propaganda, lots of interior design & beach photos, memes on daughter-in-laws, and half naked men. Haha her tumbl would be better than mine!

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One Family, Two Generations Of Stay-At-Home Dads


If there was ever any doubt that Charlie Capen from how2beadad is anything short of brilliant and arguably the most important voice in the parent-blogging community, then his spot-on, heart-felt article in Fast Company should settle it. Charlie Capen is, in fact, a genius.

Dad stuff.

"A novel is a commodity that fulfills a certain need; people need to buy daydreams like they need to buy ice cream or aspirin or gin. They even need to buy a pinch of intellectual catnip now and then to liven up their thoughts…."

John Dos Passos  (via libraryland)

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Trying on mama’s new glasses. I so believe they look better on her.


Trying on mama’s new glasses. I so believe they look better on her.


This past Sat I taught my youngest student the in’s & out’s of cutting. This helps him put in to perspective all the sword forms we practice.

It was 104 degrees in the back alley, so we didn’t dress out. I temper them like a sword haha.

The bottom photo is my senior student cleaning up his Bizen style shinken. It’s a monster!